EGR Coolers - New to the aftermarket

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EGR Coolers - New to the aftermarket


An EGR cooler is a metal device that employs thin passages and fins to cool the exhaust gases. They function in much the same way as a radiator functions, by using the cool air passing through the fins to cool the exhaust gases as they flow through the cooler. If an EGR cooler fails, it can cause problems with the functionality of the EGR system. This can lead to performance issues and can also cause serious engine damage if the issue is not dealt with.

The main function of the EGR system is to reduce Nitrogen oxide (NOX) emissions by redirecting exhaust gases back into the engine. This results in the reduction of the combustion temperature and less nitrogen oxide is produced. This process is known as exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and is one of the principal methods used to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions from diesel engines. The EGR system recirculates exhaust gases back into the engine in order to decrease cylinder temperatures. The gas recirculated by the EGR system can be considerably hot however, especially in vehicles equipped with diesel engines. For this reason many diesel engines are equipped with EGR coolers to lower the temperature of the exhaust gases before they enter the engine.

A noticeable symptom of a faulty EGR cooler may be an exhaust leak. If the EGR cooler gaskets fail, or the cooler gets damaged for any reason, it can cause an exhaust leak to develop. An exhaust leak may also affect the performance of the engine and reduce its efficiency.

Many late model diesel engines are known to have issues with OE manufactured EGR coolers failing prematurely. This is due to a flaw in the original design. Goss have redesigned and developed a new process in manufacturing to produce a product less prone to cracking or leakage.

Firstly the internal tubes are now manufactured from stainless steel for longevity. The tubes are then TIG welded to laser cut plates isolating the Coolant from the exhaust. This new design cools the exhaust gases more efficiently. This also helps prevent a build-up of carbon that would usually diminish the effectiveness of the system.

Features and benefits of the Goss EGR Coolers include:

  • All Goss EGR Coolers are heat, stress, pressure and resonance tested to meet or exceed OE specifications.
  • All Goss EGR Coolers are supplied with fitment gaskets
  • Goss EGR Coolers offer substantial cost efficiencies to the aftermarket

Goss – vehicle mechatronics offer the aftermarket a truly genuine alternative when searching for quality products
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EGR Coolers - New to the aftermarket
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