Fuel contamination issue

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Fuel contamination issue



Don’t let the additional expense of repairing a contaminated fuel system leave a stale taste in your mouth the next time you fit a replacement fuel pump.
Fuel contamination is the leading cause of fuel pump failure in Australia. Understand the conditions that can cause contamination and fix the job once and for all.

  • Even the smallest amount of water contamination in a newer cars fuel system can cause them to break down. This is why a clean fuel tank is essential to fitting a fuel pump replacement. Any sign of the contamination means the tank must be cleaned or replaced to ensure longevity of new fuel pump.
  • Stale fuel (e.g. dual fuel vehicles), rust and water left in the tank will cause the new pump to fail prematurely.
  • Discoloured or dirty strainers are a sign that the tank is contaminated and are a possible cause of the original pump to fail.
  • A new strainer must be fitted to the new pump, never reuse an old strainer.
  • A quality Ryco fuel filter must be used as the original filter may be contaminated with foreign particles due to pump failure.
  • Blocked or restricted strainers or filters will cause the pump to work harder and overheat possibly causing premature failure.
  • We recommended at least a quarter tank of fresh fuel must be maintained at all times to stop pump overheating and to help avoid any contaminants being sucked into fuel filters. (Especially in Dual Fuel vehicles)
  • Failure to adhere to Goss recommendations will void the warranty.

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Fuel contamination issue
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