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New era for Goss


New era for Iconic Australian automotive aftermarket parts supplier GOSS is excited to announce a complete new look that signals the company’s increased commitment both to extending their range and raising the bar for customer service.

IM Group, which is now a part of the Ryco Group has been charged with driving the GOSS product offering into the future.

“Goss has a proud history of delivering a range of quality automotive products and this year Goss will celebrate its 75th birthday,” said Gino Ricciuti General Manager Marketing & Supply Chain, IM Group. “This brand re‐launch is much more than just a new coat of paint, we’re opening a whole new chapter in the Goss history in which both range and service will surpass all expectations.”

There is no doubt that the new branding is eye‐catching, but it is only a small part of a complete new program for GOSS, including repositioning the brand as ‘The Genuine Alternative’ to OE components.

“Following extensive research, we have identified a number of opportunities to increase the value that GOSS provides to customers,” Gino remarked. “This includes the addition of a large range of new part numbers and access to what we consider Australia’s most experienced and knowledgeable customer service team.”

“Our research and development team have been working long and hard and we already have a pipeline of new and innovative mechatronic components scheduled for release over the next 12months,” said Gino. “All GOSS products are subjected to a stringent validation process conducted in the IM Group’s state of art testing facilities to ensure they are fit for purpose and meet our benchmarks for quality and performance.”

To support the extended range, GOSS customers will enjoy access to IM Group’s support team, who are committed to ensuring that customers choose the right product for their application.

“You can’t beat experience and our customer support team has a wealth of product knowledge,” Gino said proudly. “Their technical knowledge, and ability to troubleshoot issues is unrivalled in the automotive aftermarket.”

Mechanics and automotive technicians can access the GOSS technical support and training through a variety of methods including LIVE Chat, Facebook and customer tech events and of course on the phone.

“Our market researched proved that support was the number one ranked item that workshops where chasing,” Gino remarked. “As such we have developed a full suite of training and technical support tools, all under‐ pinned by access to experienced customer service team which will raise the bar in the automotive aftermarket”.

“In addition to launching the new GOSS website which contains a huge resource of technical information and we have a program in place to develop a series of product videos that our customers will be able to access by simply scanning a QR Code on the packaging of the product they have purchased.”

IM Group’s dedication to providing superior, quality tested products is highlighted by the International Standards Organisation awarding IM Group with ISO9001:2008 accreditation.

Mechatronics is a multidisciplinary field of science that includes a combination of mechanical engineering, elec‐ tronics, computer engineering systems and control engineering.

“Mechatronics componentry is becoming a larger part of automotive technology as vehicle manufacturers add in‐ creasing number of benefits to models across their total price range,” Gino explained. “We provide innovative ser‐ vices to the Automotive Mechatronics industries including parts and components supply, testing and validating and research and development in addition to designing and supplying test equipment and tools.”

With the combination of the extended range, OE quality and superior technical support, there is little doubt that GOSS is well positioned to enjoy another 75 years of success.

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New era for Goss
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